Friday, April 25, 2014

Get used to Dem Malt Likka Ticks

The next month I am side ring on the traveling circus. With many miles between home and some solid beer, I will fill my free time with such gems as this:

FX Matt Whalez

Monday, April 7, 2014

March Ticks Keep Rolling

This Lion thinks imping is easy.

March came in like a lion and pretty much stayed that way all month. This winter has totally sucked donkey dick and I had enough. Its not so much the snow, but the wind here is ungodly. It was never this windy in Cleveland. WTF?

Anyway, I made 61 new ratings this month. I made some sweet scores around town but the bulk of my ticks where courtesy of Trader Joe's. My wife wanted to go, and I found the $3 bomber too much to resist. I remember when bombers where that price at any beer store. I know, I know.... it shows my age .

I could go on about other things that sucked work wise, but that already bores me, so here we go:

Top Beers
Alesmith Wee Heavy Barrel Aged Wee Heavy 4.3
Fatheads Hop JuJu Imperial IPA 4.3
Blaugies/Hill Farmstead La Vermontoise Saison 4.3

Bottom Beers
Miller Fortune Pale Lager 2.2
Minhas Thumper IPA (aka Boatswain American IPA) 2.5
Fantome Boo! Saison 2.5

Friday, March 14, 2014

RateBeer Summer Gathering Update 2

Sorry I have not updated this in a while.

Progress on the proposal has pretty much ground to a trickle halt. The initial ground swell of support from many Western New York breweries and bottle shops for the proposal gave me hope that the event would have a decent chance of happening here in the greater Buffalo Niagara region.

Unfortunately, quite a few breweries and other businesses in the area seem to be pretty happy to make a retweet or two, but fail to make any effort to reply or reach back to my many and varying efforts to contact them.

I am not going to half ass this and make a proposal to visit two breweries over a three day event. So instead, I am tabling my efforts on the 2014 proposal deadline, and shifting my efforts to make the proposal a year from now in 2015.

By then, a few more breweries will be open and some of the ones that did open recently should be hitting full stride. In addition, my work schedule will be a non factor in trying to plan this out on the long term, compared with squeezing any efforts between travel and snow storms.

I thank everyone for their support, and hopefully the proposal will be in better shape next year at this time. I am always in need of help/awareness. Feel free to contact me via twitter or here if interested.

I would like to thank those who have been a help so far, most notably Willard Brooks from Buffalo Beer Geeks.